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Joanne‘s insight:

ARKives teaching resources have been developed with the UK curriculum and US National Standards in mind, however these units could be adapted for use with the Australia curriculum. The units cover Maths, ICT, English, Art and Science for years 3 to 6 approximately. Two units I have selected are ‘The Marvellous Mini-beast’ and ‘Adaptation’ units. These units require students to use their knowledge to design a new species. I would use these units for the Design and Technologies strand of the Draft Technologies curriculum. The processes and production skills descriptors for years 3 and 4, 5 and 6 could be addressed using these units by asking students to design a creature that could live sustainably in a certain environment based on their planning and evaluation of the information presented in the unit. 

Students could use the knowledge from the units and process of design to evaluate the impact of our decisions on the environment and implement some community-based solutions for species in their local area.  

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