2013-03-11_1159_scratchWeek 2 activities using Scratch required some not so impressive drawing skills on my part where I had to draw a race track, race car and trees around the track. I began by learning how to draw my own sprite, changing the background and then programming the car (using keys on the keyboard) to move forward, left, right and backwards. To make the game more exciting the activity then required the inclusion of code to show text on the screen saying ‘Bad Luck’ when you hit the grass as well as the action of sending you back to the start. Can I just say this happened more times than I would like to admit but it did make the game more challenging and brought out a ‘I not going to let this beat me attitude!!’

To add to the excitement I then needed to add code that would time my race as well as show text saying ‘Well done’ when you reached the finish line. No fantastic times were set here but it did provide motivation to improve each attempt.

After the initial activities were complete the challenge activities required the inclusion of background features and a second car to race against. This proved to be the most fun of all the activities. My drawing skills did not improve and the drawing of the sprites was perhaps the most frustrating experience of all the tasks but it all proved to be worth it when you could see what you had accomplished and play a game of your own creation (with some guidance of course) with other members of your family.

I could see this activity proving to be very popular with students wishing to beat times and race against each other. I feel the value in learning within this activity would be the use of critical and creative thinking skills to allow both  cars to move independently, students can express themselves creatively and artistically in their drawings as well as sharing the game and working collaboratively with their classmates. All these skills are valuable life skills which are being developed through engaging with Scratch. Perhaps the biggest skills developed during this exercise for me was perseverance!!!!