Well this week has been huge!!! As with the start of each new semester of Uni it has felt a little overwhelming. This week I have revisited my dormant Twitter account an increased the people and organisations I am following in order to develop my PLN. There is a link on this blog please join in and follow using the link on the right.

 I have also started this blog after a not so successful attempt at blogging last year. I have downloaded Jing which is absolutely fantastic for screen-shots and I must say makes the process easy, which I love. I have also started using Scoop.it to curate a collection of on-line resources to use for teaching Technology education, I am still trying to get my theme straight, every time I think I have a clear idea I second guess myself. Very frustrating…..

This week also saw me play around with Scratch which was enjoyable. I must admit it took me awhile to work through the activities but I was very proud of what I had created in the end. When my 12 year old daughter got home from school I shared my afternoons work and accomplishments with her, as I do most times I learn something new, the funny thing was she tried it and accomplished the same tasks with my quick explanation of what each button did in about 10 Min’s. Just goes to show this generation really are quite tuned in to anything digital and ICT related.

My hope is to blog each week about my journey of learning, reflecting on both the good and bad. I would love to hear from others in regard to their week and the wider professional community about their experiences with the software I have discussed here or better still other resources you use to make teaching and learning engaging an satisfying.

Thanks for reading, time to do some serious catch up on my other three subjects for this semester.